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Get the coverage you need.
Your employer is giving you the opportunity to purchase Unum's group short and long term disability insurance.

Reasons to buy this coverage at work — now

  1. You are guaranteed coverage if you sign up during your initial enrollment at work, as long as the required minimum participation is met*

  2. No checks to write. Your cost is conveniently deducted from your paycheck.

  3. Short term disability coverage can transition smoothly to long term disability coverage, if needed, without a lapse in benefits.

Long term disability features that add value:

Long term disability benefits are paid for disabilities for a covered illness or injury whether you are totally disabled or if you can work part-time.

Return-to-work support

Unum's insurance plan features programs for rehabilitation, worksite modifications, part-time return-to-work strategies, and a number of resources to help employees maximize their abilities after experiencing a disability as appropriate.

What are these?

Benefit period and elimination period

Your plan will include a set benefit period and elimination period. If you are not familiar with those terms, here's a quick explanation:

Benefit period – If you become disabled, this is the maximum amount of time you can receive benefits for a covered disability.

Elimination periodBenefits are not payable until the elimination period is satisfied. The elimination period is the number of days that must pass before you are eligible to receive benefits.

*Benefits may be subject to a pre-existing provision.
CE-806100 (8-21)