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MTA Short-term and Long-term Disability Plans

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Being unable to work shouldn't hurt your bank account.
Help keep your finances together with Unum's group short and long term disability insurance.

Savings aren't always enough.

Lori doesn't need payday to remind her how much her family relies on her income. Her children's tuition, braces and soccer camp all add up. Knowing that a serious illness or accident could leave her without pay for months, soccer gameshe wants to make sure the family has an income stream that kicks in when she needs it.

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Your disability benefits help cover what matters most.

Unum's short term disability insurance pays you a percentage of your gross weekly salary if you cannot work due to a covered injury or illness.

If your disability continues, long term disability insurance can provide a monthly benefit whether you are totally disabled or only able to work part time due to a covered disability.

These benefits can help you cover your expenses and protect your finances at a time when you're paying extra medical bills. If you choose both coverages, they can provide benefits for the short and long term.

CE-806100 (8-21)