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What would your family do without your income?
Unum's term life insurance can help.

Better prepared for the future

Jarrod and Amy have two careers, two children, two daycare payments and a two-story house on the lake. If either one dies prematurely, one paycheck won't keep the family afloat. They have basic life insurance at work, but they want enough coverage to meet their actual needs.

checklist of expenses

What happens after you're gone?

40% of households say they would have 40%immeditate trouble meeting everyday living expenses if the primary breadwinner died today. Another 30% would have trouble keeping up with expenses after several months. 1

Half of households feel they need more life insurance — the highest level ever.2

Features with value

1. Adds more coverage at affordable group rates.
Your employer may offer basic term life, but it's probably not enough for your needs. Buy more term life insurance at an affordable rate. If you leave your job, Unum will allow you to switch to an individual policy. Unum will bill you directly for the premium.
2. Requires no physical exam
If you apply during your initial enrollment, you are guaranteed to receive a specific amount of coverage — your plan's guarantee issue amount — without taking a medical exam or answering any health-related questions.

1,2. LIFE Foundation, "Ownership of Individual Life Fails to 50-Year Low, LIMRA Reports," August 30, 2010.

EN-1060 (11-10)