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LTC Calculator

Pay Frequency:

Age: Enter your age as of the effective date.
If your funded coverage uses a different age, enter it here.
Duration: How long would you like to receive monthly benefit payments?
Amount: How much will each monthly benefit payment be?
Long Term Care Facility
50% Professional Home and Community Care
Simple Inflation
50% Total Choice Home Care

$0.00  $0.00   × 
 ÷  $1,000  = 
rate for plan chosen rate for plan chosen
beginning -
monthly benefit
your premium your premium
beginning -
$0.00  $0.00   × 
rate for funded plan rate for funded plan
beginning -
based on
funded amount
funded premium funded premium
beginning -
(A) MINUS (B)  = 
beginning -

Rounding for display purposes applied.

For more detailed plan feature descriptions, see the Outline of Coverage on the Enrollment page.

To calculate the cost for a decrease in your current coverage under this plan, enter your insurance age into the calculator. Your insurance age is the age when you were issued your current coverage.

Calculated premium is for illustration purposes only and is based on the age and plan choices selected. Eligibility for, entitlement to, and amount of actual benefits will be determined according to the terms of the long term care insurance policy.

*Requires the Long Term Care Insurance Application for employee coverage. All spouse/civil union partner/family selections require this form.

If you are an employee electing coverage after your guarantee issue enrollment period, Evidence of Insurability is required for any level of coverage.

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