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"Chronic illness"* means:
  • You are unable to perform, without Substantial Assistance from another individual, two or more Activities of Daily Living; or
  • You require Substantial Supervision by another individual to protect you from threats to your health and safety due to Severe Cognitive impairment or Mental Illness.

"Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)"** are:
  • Eating means feeding oneself by getting food into the body from a receptacle (such as a plate or cup) or by a feeding tube or intravenously.
  • Bathing means washing oneself by sponge bath; or in either a tub or shower, including the task of getting into or out of the tub or shower.
  • Continence means the ability to maintain control of bowel or bladder function; or when unable to maintain control of bowel or bladder function, the ability to perform associated personal hygiene (including caring for a catheter or colostomy bag).
  • Dressing means putting on and taking off all items of clothing and any necessary braces, fasteners, or artificial limbs.
  • Toileting means getting to and from the toilet, getting on and off the toilet, and performing associated personal hygiene.
  • Transferring means the ability to move into and out of a bed, a chair, or wheelchair.

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This information is not intended to be a complete description of the insurance coverage available. The policy or its provisions may vary or be unavailable in some states. The policy has exclusions and limitations which may affect any benefits payable. For complete details of coverage and availability, please refer to Policy Form B.LTC, GLTC95, RGLTC04, or GLTC04 or contact your Unum representative.

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