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If you can't work, why should your bank account suffer?
Help keep your finances together with Unum's group long term disability insurance.

Savings aren't always enough.

Even though Jane and Kurt have two incomes, they need both of their paychecks to cover the bills every month. They know that a serious illness or accident could keep one — or both — of them Jane and Kurtfrom going to work for months. They want some security that losing one of their paychecks doesn't threaten everything they have worked for.

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Who's at risk?

  • More that 26 million Americans suffer disabling injuries each year.1

  • 3 out of 4 working Americans Graph showing 3 of 4 peoplewould have trouble supporting themselves within 6 months of a disability.2

  • 90 million Americans do not have disability coverage.3

Your disability benefits help cover what matters most.

Unum's long term disability insurance pays you a percentage of your gross monthly salary if you cannot work due to a covered injury or illness.

It can provide a monthly benefit whether your disability prevents you from working at all or limits your ability to work.

These benefits can help you cover your expenses and protect your finances at a time when you're paying extra medical bills.

1 National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2009.
2,3 LIFE Foundation, "Hit Hard by the Economy, Americans Risk Knockout Without Disability Insurance," May 1, 2009.
EN-1058-WLB (10-10)