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Enrollment will be opened from June 28, 2022 to September 26, 2022.



Thank you for your interest in the NATCA Group Long-Term Disability (LTD) program. As a member, you are eligible to participate in this valuable group benefit.

We have a number of premium saving options from which you can choose. You can now tailor your benefits to meet your specific needs. In addition to the 90-day elimination period (the traditional claims waiting period), you can now choose a 180-day or 360-day elimination period, it's your choice.

LTD insurance can be the most important part of your overall benefits package, and NATCA offers members the opportunity to purchase it at affordable group rates. Keep in mind…since you pay premiums with after-tax dollars, any disability benefits that you receive from this group plan are tax-free, under current tax laws, for this group plan! To apply for this plan, just click on Enrollment and follow the instructions.

Note: Payment modes other than payroll allotment are available. To inquire, call (866)309-0304.

Remember…your risk of becoming disabled is far greater than you may think.
  • 33 million Americans 15 years and older are classified as “severely disabled”1
  • Workers between the ages of 35 and 65 have a 30% chance of becoming disabled and unable to work for 90 days or longer2

Procrastination has its place…but not when it involves coverage for your family and your loved ones!  What do members who have bought this coverage have to say? Take a look

Still have questions…call our toll-free administrator hot-line 866-309-0304.

1 U.S. Bureau of the Census, Disability Status 2000, issued March 2003.
2 Commissioner's Individual Disability Table A, Society of Actuaries, 1985. The Society's 1985 statistics are the current standard for income protection risk evaluation and policy pricing throughout the insurance industry.